VietGAP farming standards help improve orange cultivation in Ha Giang

In recent years, VietGAP-based intensive orange farming in Quang Binh district, Ha Giang province, has had some success. The model has inspired local households to set up VietGAP orange growing teams, create a brand, increase productivity, quality, and profitability, and attract buyers.

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Ha Giang’s thick-skinned oranges are much sought after in the domestic market. (Photo:

To improve the productivity and quality of “cam sanh” or thick-skinned orange, Quang Binh district has set up VietGAP orange growing teams who cooperate with communes to organize training courses on production-boosting techniques. The courses teach farmers how to apply the VietGAP standards and establish certified growing areas.
Quang Binh district now has nearly 1,000 hectares of oranges meeting VietGAP standards which have helped transform cultivation methods and develop an integrated irrigation system.

“Orange trees are profitable and have been integrated in the district’s development restructuring plan. The district has planned cultivation zones, capital lending, and investment in new technologies to obtain maximum productivity. A VietGAP orange zone has been established in Quang Binh district,” said Phung Viet Vinh, Deputy Chairman of the Quang Binh district People’s Committee.

Dang Huy Tien is the leader of the VietGAP orange growing team of Xuan Phu hamlet. He says that his family has more than 3 ha of orange trees, earning between 6,500 and 8,600 USD a year.

In 2013 Tien adopted the VietGAP intensive orange farming model. After the first successful crop, Tien expanded his cultivation area and planted an additional 10,000 trees.

“The VietGAP standards teach us how to tend, prune, and fertilize the trees properly. Our orchards now have high productivity and quality. As the team’s leader, I make my orchards an example for the other villagers to follow,” Tien explained.

Five years after implementing the model in Quang Binh district, 15 teams following the VietGAP standard have produced oranges of high quality, safety, hygiene, productivity, and profitability.

Phung Viet Vinh, Deputy Chairman of Quang Binh district, says the VietGap model is the right way to raise the prestige, quality, and brand of thick-skinned oranges in Ha Giang province.

“We are expanding trade promotion activities and will pilot the production of higher quality products to sell at supermarkets. Our ultimate goal is to increase the value of thick-skinned oranges and make them an economic spearhead,” said Vinh.

This year, Quang Binh district expects to harvest 12,000 tons of oranges, earning 4.3 million USD.


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