Guides of Postharvest diseases and defects evaluation

Prepared by Tuan Minh NGUYEN, PhD

Dept. of Post-harvest Technology and Processing, Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute- FAVRI

JAF- Awardee Research Project funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research


Cause: The fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides.

Symptoms: dark spots that enlarge to irregular, black areas at ripe.

Control: After harvesting, orchard hygiene (weed removal, diseased dead branches, and pruning canopy for sunlight direction). Pesticide spraying (Carbenzim 500FL, Saipora 350SC) at 2 weeks before flowering, at fruit setting and at 4 weeks before harvest. For harvested fruit, use 0.1% Carbenzim 500FL or 0.55 mL/L Sportak®or 1.8ml/L Tecto (Thiabendazole) for 30 s.




Cause: Several fungi including Dothiorella spp.,

Phomposis persea and Lasiodiplodia theobromae.

Symptoms: Only develop after harvest. Stem-end rotting spread near the stem part. The rot has dark and soft area.

Control: Do not use the diseased plants for propagation. Disinfect, clean grafting tools. Orchard hygiene (removal of dead flower parts, leaves, and twigs) is done. Harvesting fruit in dry days, avoid bruising fruit. After harvesting can dip fruit in 0.1% Benlate (benomyl)or 0.55 mL/L Sportak (prochloraz).



Cause: Poor handling after harvest (picking, packing, marketing) or cool storage of fruit harvested from boron-deficient trees.

Symptoms: Damage appears as discrete brown areas in the seed cavity. Symptoms develop only at ripe.

Prevention: Apply borax to the ground under the tree or mixing it to water and spraying it on the ground. Handle fruit carefully. Avoiding drop fruit > 20cm for hard green fruit;> 5cm for sprung to ripe fruit.




Cause:Excess moisture close to the time of fruit maturity due to heavy rain.

Symptoms: Affected fruit appear normal externally, but sections of the fruit fail to ripen, remaining firm and rubbery.

Prevention:Draining system to minimize the effect of heavy rain on the root system.

Causes:Stress on lenticels (water contact, chemical and mechanical damage).

Symptoms: Dark mall spots on the skin.

Prevetion:Coating, suitable storage condition (85-90% RH)

Causes:Moisture loss during storage and ripening.

Symptoms: Witheredskin.

Prevetion:Coating, suitable storage condition (85-90% RH)

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