Lam Dong exports Laba banana to Japan

The first batch of Laba banana - a specialty of Vietnam’s Central Highland province of Lam Dong – has been exported to Japan.

The banana must be grown according to Japanese technical procedures, he said, adding that the Japanese partner had sent its experts to inspect the quality, pesticide residues, and harvesting and packaging procedures for the fruit before allowing the shipment of fruit.

180910 Lam dong laba

A Japanese expert is inspecting the quality of the banana (Photo:

After the first batch, the Japanese side orders 3-4 containers of Laba banana each month, with 20 tonnes of fruit in each container. This is a good sign affirming the brand and quality of Lam Dong’s fruit specialty.

The cooperative is growing Laba bananas on nearly 200 hectares in Lam Ha district and Da K’Nang commune (Dam Rong district). Around 100 hectares have entered harvesting time.

With stable prices of 8,000-9,000 VND per kg under the export contract to Japan, one hectare of Laba bananas is estimated to bring about 500-600 million VND (21,527 – 25,832 USD) in profit for farmers annually.

Laba banana is favoured by tourists thanks to its special taste and flavour. Previously, it was among local specialty offerings to King Bao Dai (1926-1945).


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